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Staff Directory

Van Nuys Showroom & Distribution Center


Richard LoGuercio President/Owner
Assistant to Mr. LoGuercio Rocki Alvarez
Christopher Keesler Vice President
Marc Esposito Vice President
Lisa Tinkham Office Management

Human Resources

Olga Luevano Director of Human Resources
Robbie Wyatt Payroll Manager
Juan Rivera HR Associate

Event Directors & Administrative Assistants - Van Nuys Office

Adam Martin
Assistant to Adam Corinna Aguirre
Angelina Archibeque
Assistant to Agenlina Stacey Mobley
Bryan Phelps
Assistant to Bryan Krista Polizo
Cheryl Evanoff
Assistant to Cheryl Mo Costella
Clare Waddington
Assistant to Clare Jessie Simmons
Cristina Campos
Assistant to Cristina Nasreen Jadmani
Curtis Markley
Assistant to Curtis Stella Bonsanti
George Badajos
Assistant to George Sarina Fowble
Gina Andrews
Assistant to Gina Colleen Gunder
John Ferdenzi
Assistant to John Deborah Gutierrez
Julio Villasenor
Assistant to Julio Jessica Balfour
Kacey Doherty
Assistant to Kacey Nasreen Jadmani
Kirk Pallotto
Assistant to Kirk Carol Goldman
Laurent Minniti
Assistant to Laurent Jaye Mendez
Leticia Ortega Calderon
Mark Anfangar
Assistant to Mark Diana Esquivel
Mike Koshimizu
Assistant to Mike Ariel Brown
Rob Kuehn
Assistant to Rob Hilary Robinson
Stacy Lee
Assistant to Stacy Araceli Ramirez
Stefanie Rigazzi
Assistant to Stefanie Angela Interiano
Steve Rivas
Assistant to Steve Olivia Sellers
Ted Galvan
Assistant to Ted Lin Chen
Tom Henneman
Assistant to Tom Olivia Sellers
Trish Hook
Assistant to Trish Jaye Mendez
Reyna Vasquez
Assistant to Reyna Sandra Esquivel
Assistant to KA Cheron Beard

Production Managers - Van Nuys Office:

Priscilla Perez Senior Production Coordinator

Pasadena Showroom

Camille Conroy Branch Manager

Event Directors & Administrative Assistants - Pasadena Showroom

Jorge Huizar
Assistant to Jorge Alejandra Ayon
Cicely Jinesta
Assistant to Cicely Camille Conroy
Marilyn Bednar
Assistant to Marilyn Julie Foster

Santa Barbara Showroom

Jaclynn Ludford Branch Manager
Assistant to Jaclynn Carly Costanza

Event Directors & Administrative Assistants - Santa Barbara Showroom

Chloe Prousalis
Assistant to Chloe Tatelyn Corral
Adam Martin
Assistant to Adam Corinna Aguirre